Yoga Teacher Training



Do you love yoga, fitness, or spirituality?

Have you ever thought about deepening your practice or becoming a yoga instructor?

Begin the journey of a lifetime in our Yoga Teacher Training Program.

Whether you are looking for personal growth and to enhance your personal practice, or for a career you can take anywhere in the world, this training will inspire and enhance your mind, body, and spirit in ways you could never imagine.


  • Weekends only
  • Get Certified in 6 months
  • Earn an average of $20-50 an hour
  • Certification valid worldwide
  • World renowned faculty
  • Free internship available
  • Resume writing and job placement assistance



The only modular RYT-500 program in Hampton Roads


Work at your own pace- take up to 5 years to complete your training weekends

Cutting edge topics and world-renowned Faculty

Our Modular program is designed for students interested in obtaining their advanced 300-Hour certification, or students who would like to expand their knowledge by taking individual weekends on specialty topics.

Students may complete their 300-hour certification by completing the 15 modules that they choose, at their pace, within a 5 year time period.

Students interested in expanding their knowledge can choose topics of interest to gain expertise and also to earn CEU credits.

Students who enroll in the full 300-hour program receive the lowest pricing for the course.
Prerequisite: A 200-hour certification is suggested, and is required to register as an RYT-500 with the Yoga Alliance.

10 Reasons to Become a Yoga Teacher

1. Follow your bliss. If practicing yoga brings you joy and the idea of sharing that joy with others seems like a dream career, then that’s a great reason to attend yoga school. You’re simply taking a beautiful thing to the next level.

2. Deepen your yoga practice. Stay consistent and grow in your personal practice while teaching others. You will be motivated to grow and advance alongside your students.

3. Find work/life balance. Maybe you’re struggling right now with a job that drains your energy. It’s often difficult to find that perfect balance between work responsibilities and your personal life. Yoga is a system for living based on balance and moderation and you will learn how to live with that balance through yoga school.

4. Go beyond the physical. Most people start out focusing on the physical aspects of yoga – the postures (asanas) and the breathing exercises (pranayama). In yoga school you’ll learn that there’s much more to yoga, including dietary recommendations, meditation techniques and a wealth of ancient advice for living a healthy and balanced life.

5. Get paid to do what you love. Teaching yoga classes is an excellent way to make extra income doing what you love. You can teach classes as a full-time career or as a supplement to another full-time job. You can design a career that works for your lifestyle.

6. Inspire others and change lives. As a yoga instructor you will inspire others to learn, grow and experience all of the great benefits of yoga. You will lead them through personal transformations that will enhance their lives. You will help your students connect with themselves, engage with one another and find meaning in a larger community.

7. Maintain a healthy lifestyle. Surround yourself with like-minded people that share your views and motivate you to be healthier and live a healthier lifestyle both mentally & physically. Your regular yoga practice & teaching will help you reap the benefits of yoga, including burning calories, releasing muscle tension and providing relaxation.

8. Be of service. Yoga school will give you the knowledge and tools to share the joy of yoga with others and give back to your community. You will have many opportunities to make a real difference in people’s lives – from helping a student find alignment in a pose to teaching charity classes where students donate to a non-profit organization of your choice.

9. Travel and work anywhere in the world. The certification at Zenya is recognized not only nationwide, but worldwide through our registration with the Yoga Alliance. Wherever you travel, live or journey, your ability to teach as a yoga instructor will always be with you.

10. Live in the NOW. One of the fundamental keys to practicing yoga is living in the present moment. It is called the present because it is just that, a gift. After all, the past and future exist only in thought. You will learn through yoga school how to stay grounded in the present and live a more fulfilling life.


Do you love fitness & inspiring others?

Become a Barre Fusion instructor and expand your career and your passion! Our training course will teach you how to structure and choreograph a fun, safe, and effective Barre Fusion workout for students of all ages and all fitness levels.

Whether you’re interested in teaching your own Barre Fusion class, or simply looking to deepen your personal practice, this program is for you!

Training Topics include:

  • Understanding the blend of ballet, yoga, & Pilates to develop a class
  • Formatting and choreographing a class
  • Understanding body alignment principles and how to avoid injuries
  • How to cue exercises & stretches safely and effectively
  • How to build and teach progressions & modifications for all fitness levels
  • Blending movement with music using beat counting and rhythms
  • Incorporating props and equipment into your class
  • How to teach with grace and confidence
  • Barre Fusion & business marketing

Continuing Education

The study of yoga is a lifelong journey of learning and inspiration. There is always something new to discover, to learn and to experience. We are leaders in providing continuing education opportunities for you to acquire new skills to enhance your personal practice, learn new approaches to teaching and gain new techniques to work with diverse populations.

Topics may include:

  • Kaumarabhrtya I: Yoga For Fertility and Yoga For Infants & Prenatal Yoga
  • Yoga For Chronic Pain & Arthritis
  • Yoga For Stress Management
  • Vinyasa Krama- The Art Of Sequencing
  • Kaumarabhrtya II- Yoga Play- Yoga For Children & Teens
  • Advanced Practices- Asanas & Pranayama
  • Yin Yoga Immersion Weekend
  • Trauma Informed Yoga & Ayurveda
  • Meditation, Mindfulness, & Happiness
  • Ayurveda: Dinacharya and Doshas
  • Ayurveda: Yoga Therapy
  • Qigong, Five Element Theory, TCM and Yoga
  • Hands on Adjustments and Healing
  • Adaptive Yoga: Modifications for Special Populations & Chair Yoga
  • Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy & Chanting
  • Myofascial Release & Yoga Asana
  • Chakra Spiritual and Energy Healing
  • Yoga Nidra and Sacred Writing


Continuing Education Certificates are given to all certified instructors and Yoga Teacher Training Students.

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